Action Pack

Footloose Dance-Along

Director Herbert Ross
Year 1984
Starring Kevin Bacon, John Lithgow, Lori Singer
Run Time 107min
More Info IMDb

Jump back! It’s the FOOTLOOSE DANCE-ALONG!

Personally, I was actually a fan of Craig Brewer’s recent FOOTLOOSE remake, but come on – nothing can beat Kevin Bacon’s original star-making turn as Ren McCormack, the original city-slicker dropped into a small town where it’s illegal to dance.

At first that law seems crazy, but apparently there really were towns that had such laws. Most of them were small towns like the fictional Bomont, TX (see: Pound, VA), but then some of them are big cities, like SEATTLE.

Which is to say: this could happen to you, and what will you do if you’re suddenly not allowed to dance? Hopefully you’ll use the sacred text of FOOTLOOSE to find your way around the archaic laws, and then you’ll throw the most glitter-tacular barn dance party of all time.

Like a good church service, the tone of FOOTLOOSE shifts from deadly serious to super fun singing constantly, and our Action Pack party is going to follow suit. We’ll be enforcing the Alamo’s regular No Talking rules during the heavy scenes that demand our respect, then going crazy with singing and dancing along during all of the songs, until we’re all cutting loose together in an explosion of confetti and dance for the grand finale!

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