Film School: The Road Warrior

Director George Miller
Year 1981
Starring Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Michael Preston
Rating R
Run Time 95min
Age Policy

18 and up. No one under 18 admitted.

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Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet has teamed up with The Kansas City Art Institute to bring you Film School. Join us every Saturday for an educational discussion about film. Don’t worry there is no loan process required because these screenings are only FIVE DOLLARS!

THE BEST ACTION MOVIE OF ALL TIME!! Before Mel Gibson traded in his post-apocalyptic leatherwear for the flowing cotton robes of Jesus, he was The Toughest Hero in Movie History. Mad Max burned rubber across the scorched highways of the barren Earth, on the hunt for fuel and the blood of criminal marauders. Even in the Australian desert, some shotgun-wielding punk goon needs to be murdered every 30 seconds or so. Easy work for Max, until he runs up against post-nuke hellmaster Lord Humungus and his crew of feral mohawked wasteoids. Suddenly, the lone wolf of the wasteland finds himself defending the last outpost of untarnished humanity. What follows is inarguably the single greatest chase/fight/stunt explosion ever captured on film, with more car-flipping and stuntman-smashing than any 1000 American action blockbusters could dream of. Come witness the absolute ultimate in fallen world annihilation with THE ROAD WARRIOR! (Zack Carlson)

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