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Director Riffat A. Khan
Year 1990
Starring Larry Gamell, Jr., Garrett Henry, Hassan Jamal
Rating R
Run Time 90min
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Comedies exist to make people laugh. FEELIN' SCREWY exists to make people question the reliability of their brains. Presented as an "urban comedy" that offers "Fun! Romance! Rap! REALITY!," this movie defies all laws of logic and communication to fabricate a brick wall of surreal hilarity. Somewhere in Los Angeles, three high school seniors get laid, fight the war on drugs, and learn to rap. Technically. But technicalities have no place in FEELIN' SCREWY, which is a mishmash of anti-structure that becomes increasingly more ridiculous and insane as the movie progresses. Think HOUSE PARTY as interpreted by a stoned gorilla who is obsessed with Ernie Kovacs. That's a recommendation. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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