Director Neil Breen
Year 2013
Starring Neil Breen, Danielle Andrade, Jennifer Autry
Run Time 100min
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The screening on April 25 at Mason Park will include a Skype Q&A with writer/director/star Neil Breen. 

There are Hollywood movies. There are indie movies. And then there are movies made by outsiders, people with no place in the system but with their own stories to tell. Neil Breen is just such an outsider, and FATEFUL FINDINGS, his latest film, is without a doubt the next cult classic that will play midnight screenings for years to come.

We don't even know how to explain this film. One part bizarre romance, one part bizarre paranormal movie, one part bizarre government conspiracy film, FATEFUL FINDINGS is like a direct portal into the mind of Breen, who directed the film, produced the film, edited the film, stars in the film and who has a credit both for the story and the screenplay. Dylan (Neil Breen) is a successful novelist and computer guy who rediscovers his forgotten childhood psychic powers after getting hit by a car. While in the hospital he is reconnected with his childhood girlfriend, and their rekindled connection begins to get between Dylan and his current, drug-addled girlfriend. Meanwhile, Dylan starts hacking into every government database and learns terrible secrets about the world. This all leads up to one of the most bravura conclusions in the history of cinema.

This is a movie that operates on no previously known level, that obliterates the very concept of absurdity. It's the ultimate midnight movie for a post-THE ROOM world. It may not be the most polished movie you've ever seen, but goddamn does FATEFUL FINDINGS go for broke, and goddamn is it full of heart and special vision.

If you like the odd, the offbeat, the unique then we guarantee you will love FATEFUL FINDINGS. (Devin Faraci)

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