ERNEST GOES TO CAMP with writer/director JOHN CHERRY

Director John R. Cherry III
Year 1987
Starring Jim Varney
Run Time 92min
More Info IMDb

A brutal mining corporation is looking to tear down Kamp Kikakee and only a band of juvenile delinquents and Ernest P. Worrell stand between them. With the ritual blessing of Chief St. Cloud, Ernest attacks the corporation with his band of hooligans armed with makeshift explosives, flaming arrows, catapulted parachuting turtles and a machine that barfs food. Ernest P. Worrell is eternal and his first big screen outing is the stuff of legends.

Were it not for the crazed mind of a certain John R. Cherry III, the world would never know the joy of Ernest. Sadly Jim Varney is no longer with us, but the man who helped create the character lives on and so we invited him out for a very special ZZANG!!! screening of Ernest Goes to Camp where he will share classic Ernest stories and just how a mascot for a failing amusement park became an advertising sensation that led to a career in making pictures. (Greg MacLennan)

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