Director José Mojica Marins
Year 2008
Starring José Mojica Marins, Jece Valadão, Adriano Stuart, Milhem Cortaz
Run Time 94min
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Free Screening presented by Cine Las Americas and Synapse Films.

The triumphant return of Brazilian horror icon Coffin Joe after decades underground! Let’s be frank, sometimes comebacks are pretty grim. Not so in this case! EMBODIMENT OF EVIL feels new and old at the same time, in a good way. It’s a worthy successor to such psychotic masterpieces as AT MIDNIGHT I WILL TAKE YOUR SOUL, THIS NIGHT I WILL POSSESS YOUR CORPSE and HALLUCINATIONS IN A DERANGED MIND.

After serving a 40-year prison term, Coffin Joe is finally released from the Mental Heath wing of the São Paulo State Penitentiary. Back on the streets, the sadistic undertaker is set upon fulfilling the goal which sent him to jail in the first place: find a woman who can give him the perfect child. Accompanied by his faithful servant, the humpbacked Bruno, Coffin Joe leaves behind a trail of horror and is haunted by ghostly visions and the spirits of his past victims.

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