The Late Show


Director Matthew Robbins
Year 1981
Starring Peter MacNicol, Caitlin Clarke and Ralph Richardson
Rating PG
Run Time 153min

At 8pm there will be a performance by THE THEIVES OF FLIGHT featuring aerialists and fire performers along with a free tasting of OMMEGANG’S finest in THE CHESTERFIELD!

In honor of the release of OMMEGANG’S GAME OF THRONES FIRE AND BLOOD RED ALE The Late Show Presents: DRAGONSLAYER in 35MM!

Before there was GAME OF THRONES, it was Phil Tippett’s GO MOTION special effects that made us believe in dragons!

Enjoy the new GAME OF THRONES ALE while you watch Ally McBeal’s Peter MacNicol defend the god given right of every virgin not to be eaten by a dragon. These are types of things dreams are made of!

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