Drafthouse Films: THE ACT OF KILLING

Director Joshua Oppenheimer
Year 21012
Run Time 115min
Age Policy

17 and up; Children 5 and up will be allowed only with a parent or guardian. No children under the age of 5 will be allowed.

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In this chilling and inventive documentary, executive produced by Errol Morris (The Fog Of War) and Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man), the filmmakers examine a country where death squad leaders are celebrated as heroes, challenging them to reenact their real-life mass-killings in the style of the American movies they love.

The hallucinatory result is a cinematic fever dream, an unsettling journey deep into the imaginations of mass-murderers and the shockingly banal regime of corruption and impunity they inhabit. Shaking audiences at the 2012 Toronto and Telluride Film Festivals and winning an Audience Award at the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival, The Act of Killing is an unprecedented film that, according to The Los Angeles Times, "could well change how you view the documentary form."

"I have not seen a film as powerful, surreal, and frightening in at least a decade...it is unprecedented in the history of cinema." – Werner Herzog

"To dub Joshua Oppenheimer’s documentary a masterpiece is at once warranted and yet somehow limiting, the term too narrow for what the first-time British filmmaker achieves with his debut." - Village Voice

★★★★★ "Astonishing and brilliant." -NPR
★★★★★ "Constantly astounding... an achievement in filmmaking." - Playlist
★★★★★ "A masterpiece [&] a major achievement." -Village Voice
★★★★★ "The most compelling thing you'll ever see"  – The Guardian
★★★★★ "An utterly fascinating, chilling, but important film"  – Independent on Saturday
★★★★★ "Shatteringly powerful"  – The Sunday Times
★★★★★ "This might be the most important documentary ever"  – The Daily Mail
★★★★★ "Simply the best film of the year"  – The Metro
★★★★★ "Shocking and surreal"  – The Skinny
★★★★★ "Challenges the very limitations of what a documentary can be"  – CineVue


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