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Director Nick Millard
Year 1987
Starring Albert Eskinazi, Irmgard Millard
Rating R
Run Time 65min
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VHS-only insanity projected from VHS for only one buck!!

Abortions and slashers -- together again for the first time ever! Made by pornographer-turned-shot-on-video-horror-zeitgeist Nick Millard, DOCTOR BLOODBATH is an inexplicable descent into psychotropic madness. A doctor named Gordon runs a health clinic that specializes in abortions. After each operation, Gordon shows up at the patient’s home, injects them with drugs, and kills them with a variety of household utensils. Meanwhile, Gordon's fifty-something wife gets pregnant with her poet boyfriend. She asks Gordon for an abortion aka CALLING DOCTOR BLOODBATH!! Nick Millard’s bizarre filmmaking methods -- terrible compositions, spazoid jump cuts, complicated plotlines about nothing -- reject convention and the world-at-large. This SOV gutter opus caps off Millard's long legacy of 1980s insanity (DEATH NURSE, DEATH NURSE II, CEMETERY SISTERS), which repeatedly transformed mundane elements into exhilarating, anti-human events. For instance, did you know that abortions are achieved by waving an ear-flushing kit in front of a vagina? (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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