Terror Tuesday


Director Barry Rosen
Year 1976
Starring Warhawk Tanzania
Rating R
Run Time 82min
More Info IMDb

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The world’s greatest -- and only -- kung fu blaxploitation creature-horror explosion! This rousing exercise in 1970s male shirtlessness stars martial arts machine Warhawk Tanzania, a tough-as-nails/compelling-as-wood afro’ed enemy of injustice. Here, he’s "Luke," a street-roving equalizer who tires of New York’s rampant gang scourge. What’s a frustrated vigilante to do? Why, import an ancient demon to clean up crime in the ‘hood, of course. Shockingly, this plan goes awry, and every gang member in the boroughs is soon on the front lines of the supernatural apocalypse. A masterpiece with no right to exist, DEVIL'S EXPRESS offers much punching, kicking, deathing and a man with cartoon eyeballs painted on his eyelids. Featuring the best line of dialogue of 1976: "I’m catching static from some Chinese niggers, man!" (Zack Carlson)

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