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“History shows again and again how nature points up the folly of man”

I’m not going to lie – I’m more than a little excited for PACIFIC RIM, the forthcoming Guillermo del Toro film that promises more than its share of giant monster destruction. This April we kick off a summer of pre-partying for what will hopefully be the movie event of the summer with DESTROY ALL DRAFTHOUSES – a day-long celebration of kaiju and the cities they love to destroy.

Four giant monster moives from around the world await you at DESTROY ALL DRAFTHOUSES! The event begins and ends with the granddaddies of all giant monster movies – KING KONG and GODZILLA. Sandwiched between those two films, though, is a whole heaping of surprises, excitement and – yes – men in rubber monster suits.

The event kicks off at 1 PM with a gorgeous digital restoration of KING KONG, the 1933 golden Hollywood classic that almost single-handedly birthed the giant monster phenomenon. We will then screen two mystery kaiju films – one on 35mm and one from a VHS tape (!). The headliner of the event, though, the original uncut Japanese version of GODZILLA!

In between movies, we will have games and giveaways, special guests and even more surprises that we can’t name here.

Are you ready to roar? (Robert Saucedo)

NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the screening of GODZILLA will not be in 35mm as originally advertised. We will screen a digital restoration of the film.

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