Director Delmer Daves
Year 1947
Starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Agnes Moorehead, Bruce Bennett
Run Time 106min
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Screening in 35mm as part of the series BOGART & BACALL.

In DARK PASSAGE, wrongly-convicted murderer Vincent Parry (Humphrey Bogart) escapes from San Quentin and goes on the lam to try to prove his innocence. He accidentally meets Irene Jansen (Lauren Bacall), who takes him in and becomes his protector. With her help he gets a plastic surgery operation to give him a new face and begins the hunt for the real killer. Fun and technically dazzling, the film was the third to team Bogart with his new bride, Lauren Bacall.

DARK PASSAGE features one of the great screen gimmicks of all time. For the first forty minutes of the film, you see everything through the eyes of the main character. and even in scenes shot from other perspectives his face is never seen. When the bandages finally come off, the audience gets their first look at this wanted fugitive as he studies himself in a mirror. And of course his brand new face like Humphrey Bogart!

Filmed almost entirely on location in San Francisco, including a decidedly tense moment on the Golden Gate Bridge, the film is a classic moody, romantic film noir. Director Delmer Daves, a San Francisco native, filmed in his beloved city by the Bay. Written by Daves from a novel by the incredible hard-boiled master David Goodis!

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