Comin At Ya! 3D

Director Ferdinando Baldi
Year 1981
Run Time 128min
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Now that 3D is back, we return to the great 3D Boom of the ‘80s and the film that started the whole ball rolling, COMIN’ AT YA!, the spaghetti western classic now presented in a state of the art digital restoration.

This is the 3D movie that does exactly what you want a 3D movie to do. It hits you with a ludicrous barrage of flying fists, flaming arrows, boobs, and everything else you can imagine - including a truly unforgettable 3D baby diaper changing scene. It’s pure lowbrow fun all the way through, more like an amusement park ride than a movie. Cool, laconic spaghetti western icon Tony Anthony is thrust into a world of absurdly outsized and protuberant frontier mayhem. You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp, you’ll flail your arms, and when it’s all over you’ll want to get back in line and see it again!

A shocking surprise hit when first released in 1981, COMIN’ AT YA! is back in this stunning digital restoration. The 3D gimmicks, already some of the best ever filmed, are brighter, sharper and clearer than ever, the better to terrorize you. We’ve all seen lots of 3D movies by now. Some are subtle, some are obvious, but none has ever been as much pure fun as COMIN’ AT YA! See it now in 3D for the price of 2D!

“An in-your-face blood-bats-boobs-littered shocker!”-- FANGORIA

“A hilarious flashback with a new coat of paint...A Great Experience & 3D Showcase!"-- HITFIX

“A crowd pleasing cult classic!"--TWITCHFILM

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