Color Commentary: FOXY BROWN with Pam Grier In-Person!

Director Jack Hill
Year 1974
Starring Pam Grier, Antonio Fargas, Peter Brown
Rating R
Run Time 94min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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Actress PAM GRIER In Person doing live commentary OVER her 1974 classic! 

We had so much fun with Sam J. Jones at our first Color Commentary with FLASH GORDON that as we headed in November's programming theme of Tough Ladies we wanted NOBODY else but the Godmother of the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton, Pam Grier, to do our next one! She said yes, as long as we could do some good at the same time so this show's tickets will benefit a TBD non-profit charity. So you get a screening of the classic FOXY BROWN with Pam Grier herself spilling secrets and stories while you watch it, a post-film Q&A with Ms. Grier AND you get to help out a non-profit? That's the best news all year! Can you dig it? We can!

Bold, black and beautiful, Pam Grier exploded onto screens in the 1970s and blasted a new path for ass-kicking women in film. Quentin Tarantino has called her the first female action hero. She’s been nominated for a Golden Globe, an Emmy and a SAG Award. From THE BIG DOLL HOUSE to COFFY to JACKIE BROWN to THE L WORD, Grier has been powerful, sexy and always, without fail, completely badass.

Foxy Brown is a sexy but streetwise lady whose ne'er-do-well brother Link (Huggy Bear Antonio Fargas) is a drug dealer who owes mobsters 20,000 dollars. To get the hoods off his back, Link names Foxy's boyfriend as a government agent trying to wipe out organized crime, and the mob soon has him rubbed out. But Hell hath no fury like Foxy Brown scorned; posing as a hooker to get the inside scoop on the mob, she goes on a crusade to find out who murdered her man, and she exacts revenge with the help of a local activist group. FOXY BROWN is one of Pam Grier's greatest films a true standout in the incredible world of Blaxploitation filmmaking.

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It’s Time To Go

It’s Time To Go

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