Citizen Generation: Holiday Action Pack 90’s Party

Director Jim Janicek
Year 1990-2001
Starring Nick Bakay, Tim Allen and Zachery Ty Bryan
Rating G
Run Time 150min
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If you ever asked Santa for a Furby or a Skip-It, we have the ultimate Christmas present for you-- a very special edition of the Alamo Retro TV Party! Celebrate the holidays '90s style with TGIF hits including FULL HOUSE, FAMILY MATTERS, BOY MEETS WORLD and STEP BY STEP. We'll also include slap bracelets, Pop Rocks, and totally rad '90s commercials so you can get some great gift ideas!  And if you have a tacky Christmas sweater, wear it with pride, because no one can look dorkier than Urkel. Come spend the season with your favorite television families while you learn valuable lessons about the true spirit of Christmas. It's guaranteed to be a festive (and awesomely corny) trip down memory lane. To quote Michelle Tanner, "Duh!"

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