CRACKING UP w/ Guest Bryan Connolly

Director Jerry Lewis
Year 1983
Starring Jerry Lewis, Milton Berle and Sammy Davis Jr.
Rating PG
Run Time 89min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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Love him or hate him -- and we sure recommend loving him -- Jerry Lewis remains one of the top entertainers and innovators in movie history.

When he wasn’t slipping down a flight of stairs or designing new methods of high-end goonery, the ever-evolving ex-vaudevillian was blazing new trails, writing and directing some of the most thunderous comedy hits of the century, and even developing technology that would change Hollywood forever.

His directorial works like THE BELLBOY and THE NUTTY PROFESSOR helped shape the world’s understanding of big-screen comedy, and he never stopped pushing for bigger and more bizarre methods at getting that big laugh. Which led to his ultimate creation CRACKING UP, an explosion of ideas that reveal the master’s comic lightning at its most manic apex.

For his final ride in the director’s seat (so far), Lewis truly let ‘er rip, upending mind-igniting hilarity in everything from suicide to samurais to sandwiches. It’s an unbelievable display of power. Lewis is a one-man assault squad of comedic invention, busting off sight gags, slapstick bits and multiple glavin-flavins with more speed than a cheetah on a banana peel.

Austin’s foremost Jerry Lewis historian/archivist Bryan Connolly joins us for this rare 35mm celebration of genius disguised as retardation. (Zack)