Cine Las Americas: Wednesday

Tickets are $8 for shows starting before 6pm and $10 for shows all later shows.

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Las cosas como son (Things the Way They Are)

*Accompanied by short film Medio minuto (Half a Minute)

Thirty-year old Jeronimo is an antisocial guy who rents rooms to foreigners and lives vicariously through them. Twenty-three year old Sanna, a young beautiful Nordic girl, arrives one day and brings meaning to his life. Jeronimo tries to woo her, but just as he believes he may be successful, his suspicions get the best of him; he finds out that she is hiding something at the house, awakening his worst fears.

I Am a Director

*Accompanied by short film A Mão que Afaga (The Comforting Hand)

Carlos, a young filmmaker, has just arrived to Puerto Rico from Hollywood with a dream of making his first feature film. The only problem? He must do it Hollywood style!


For Rodolfo (Humberto de Vargas), life at home feels empty and cold, as if he doesn’t belong there. Meanwhile, his first wife Graciela (Sara Bessio) and their teenage daughter, Ana (Anaclara Ferreyra Palfy), are going through defining moments in their lives. Subtly, Rodolfo will try to slip back into the place he once had next to them and walked away from ten years ago. 3 is a comedy about three people condemned to the same, absurd fate: being a family.

Mejor no hablar de ciertas cosas

Paco Chavez leads a careless and charming life on the coast of Ecuador. He is surrounded by illicit drugs, and engaged in a forbidden love affair with Lucia, his former high school sweetheart, who is now married to another man. One night, he and his younger brother Luis, a punk musician with an even bigger drug problem, enter their parent’s home to steal a porcelain horse to pawn in order to score more drugs. Their father catches them and a fight ensues. The consequences of that fight will haunt both brothers forever, and will change the lives of everyone around them.

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