Cine Las Americas: Thursday

Tickets are $8 for shows starting before 6pm and $10 for shows all later shows.

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El mal del sauce (The Evil Willow)

*Accompanied by short film Cebú

Franco has just woken up on a deserted island on the delta, and he doesn't really know why he's there. As he regains consciousness and takes back control of his senses, he realizes he has been kidnapped. The realization brings horror: his son Luciano is there with him. Reciently, their relationship has been strained. THE EVIL WILLOW creates a picture of extreme tension with powerful resonances in the immediate reality.

El efecto K. El montador de Stalin (The K. Effect. Stalin's Editor)

Maxime Stransky, a childhood friend of Sergei Eisenstein, is an actor in 1920s Moscow and an adventurer of the revolution, a counterfeiter and Hollywood producer - Stalin's film editor. Together Stransky and Eisenstein will experience the great journey of personal creation through cinema and the collective formation of a new society. THE K EFFECT recounts Maxime's passionate life during the 20th century: a century shaken by fascinating utopias that spawned cheerful dreams and dreadful nightmares.

Delusions of Grandeur
*Accompanied by short film Reviens-moi (Return to Me)

In the mid-1990s a medicated grungy girl stopped taking her medication (Prozac), crossed over a rainbow, and became a woman in a crazy, wonderful place called San Francisco. Lulu, Rocio, and Illusion are struggling with the sexuality and gender roles that we all play. It is said that there is someone for everyone, and the heroines in this story put that theory to the test in a city with a history of love at its core - but will they respect themselves in the morning? DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR is a bright and colorful presentation of the struggle from adolescence into adulthood.

A última vez que vi Macau (The Last Time I Saw Macao)

*Accompanied by short film Las Mañanitas

Part memoir, part city symphony, part noir-ish B-movie adventure, the new feature from critically acclaimed filmmaking duo João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata (TO DIE LIKE A MAN) is a sensual, shape-shifting ode to one of the world's most mythic, alluring and exoticized cities. Acutely aware of the history of postcolonialism embodied and experienced by the narrator, the film’s style also invites the viewer to consider how human perception and the cinematic eye are intimately linked in contemporary life.

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