Cine Las Americas: Sunday

Tickets are $8 for shows starting before 6pm and $10 for shows all later shows.

Please buy tickets to the correct corresponding time to the screenings below.

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"Hecho en Tejas" Short Film Showcase

Trapitos Sucios (Dirty Laundry)
Southmost U.S.A.
Para Mi Hermano (For My Brother)
Bordando la frontera (The Border)
Susana Almanza: The Life of an Activist
They Make Noise like Feathers

Estrella del Sur (Southern Star)

To live in Estrella del Sur is not an easy task. Four teenagers have grown up together in a violent environment, lacking any real hope for the future. The youth confront a "social purge" movement that threatens the very stability of their school district, and a new literature teacher will share their frustrations, struggles, and the tough lessons of daily life that threaten their dream to travel to the sea.

La jubilada (The Retiree)

*Accompanied by short film La noche anuncia la aurora (Night Announces Dawn)

At the age of 30, Fabiola Neira returns to her birthplace where everyone regards with her suspicion, and sees her only as the woman who years earlier moved to the capital for work. Though sheʼs retired from her previous profession, the road home is still arduous and painful for Fabiola. She must find a job and also rebuild her relationships with her father and older sister. After landing a supervisory position at a small metal recycling company, an unlikely friendship with her bossʼ 16-year-old son makes her homecoming easier.


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