Cine Las Americas: Saturday

Tickets are $8 for shows starting before 6pm and $10 for shows all later shows.

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Blood Cousins
*Accompanied by short film Lovelocked

When the anniversary of their grandmother's death arrives, four cousins who are as close as brothers use it as an opportunity to reconnect on a road trip to the Texas Rio Grande Valley in an effort to pay their respects and visit distant relatives. A film that blends comedy, Mexican folklore, and terror, BLOOD COUSINS puts a new spin on the typical revenge film in a story that redefines the word retribution.


*Accompanied by short film Route 22

Jose "Joe" Rodriguez has a lot going for him. He's a smart, bright Mexican immigrant raised by a single mother who worked multiple jobs to send him to college. He has a good job, working at an office. But just as he makes a breakthrough at work, his world is upended when a secret he's concealed for years is revealed: he's undocumented. Suddenly, Joe's life begins to crumble around him over the course of the weekend. Will Joe be able to piece his life back together to achive the American Dream he so wants?

Path of Souls

Grieving wife Grace and long-lost friend Brandon decide to complete her dead husband's thesis paper, by embarking on a cathartic road trip to sacred sites across Native North America. Along the way, they encounter elders and medicine men who speak of dark matter, worm holes, parallel universes, and shape-shifting spirits as real as the stone drawings used to depict them. As Grace and Brandon explore the clues within and marvel at the beauty of the natural landscape, they come to understand they have stepped into a spiritually charged universe. Will they live to tell the tale?

Nos vemos, Papá (See You, Dad)

*Accompanied by short film A Red Girl's Reasoning

Pilar loses the one thing in life that mattered to her and, from that moment on, time stops. The present begins blending with the past, and the heroine withdraws into a world of her own. An intimate drama about the extreme emotions connected to the loss of someone on whom our lives depend.

Chalán (Gofer)

Alan’s daily life as a driver and assistant to a federal deputy requires he endure the anger and arrogance of his superior, endure the contempt of the deputy bodyguards and, above all, clean up after all the antics of his boss. Today Alan will live a different day.


Regina is a 17 year old teenager who hasn't been seen for the past two years. She is being held captive by her father Antonio. Cecilia, Regina's mother, a blind and depressed woman, lives locked inside their house. Regina awaits her 18th birthday nervously, wondering if her father will finally release her.

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