Cine Las Americas: OCTUBRE

Director Daniel Vega Vidal, Diego Vega Vidal
Year 2010
Run Time 93min
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The opaque and solitary life of a small time pawnbroker is affected when a baby suddenly appears, basket and all, in his apartment. His rancid vanity is disrupted, his solitary bitterness menaced at the edge of a transformation, and as much as he investigates the child’s precedence at the brothel he frequents, tries unsuccessfully to rid himself of the baby, or avoids getting comfortable with his neighbor after hiring her to look after the child; a gray habit of loneliness and isolation begins to crack down. The remote possibility of another life peeks in, among ghosts from the past and a present oppressive and absurd. Miracles happen to those who wish for them… and see them through. (Eugenio, Cine Las Americas)

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