Cine Las Americas: Friday

Tickets are $8 for shows starting before 6pm and $10 for shows all later shows.

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La segunda muerte (The Second Death)

*Accompanied by short film La Noria (The Waterwheel)

Alba, a lonely, skeptical policewoman, faces a case where the only one who can help her is The Magician, a clairvoyant young boy. When he reveals to her that the suspect she's after is the Virgin Mary, Alba faces a dilemma concerning her beliefs. LA SEGUNDA MUERTE is a supernatural thriller that mixes the most classic procedural of police stories with a somewhat apocryphal glance at horror, with religious undertones. A rural landscape and unconventional genre round off this feast of frights, intrigue and psychological feints.

Nove Crônicas para um Coração aos Berros
(Nine Chronicles for a Screaming Heart)
*Accompanied by short film La mujer rota

Larissa is no longer in love with Mário; Leopoldo does not know whether to stay or go; Júlio still lives with his mother; Simone is tired of being a hooker; Vanise is reminded of what it means to be a woman; Philipp does not want to go back home; Carol carries a graveyard of memories with her; André wants to make a different kind of sound; Denise decides to have new experiences while there is still time. In this surprising mosaic of human relationships and day-to-day situations, men and women of different ages feel a pressing need to reinvent themselves. As they cross each other’s paths in a city that has stopped in time, they all are, each in their own way, at a turning point in their lives.

La navaja de Don Juan

The fate of an arm wrestling match leads two brothers to travel across the city to a house party, where the younger one hopes to lose his virginity, and the older one is a reluctant chaperone. As the boys spend the night crossing through the barrios of Lima, they reluctantly learn from each other what it really takes to be a man, and how valuable it is to have a brother. Inspired by the thousands of crazy stories writer/director Tom Sanchez overheard from his father and uncle while growing up in Lima, Peru, LA NAVAJA DE DON JUAN is a coming of age tale which, under the surface of its broad universal themes of sibling rivalry, examines the relationships between young Latino men and women.

Hasta nunca

*Accompanied by short film Zombi (Zombie)

HASTA NUNCA follows Mario Ligetti, a middle aged hipster DJ who produces an underground radio show in Montevideo, Uruguay. He invites listeners to share their intimate thoughts with him and a live radio audience, in real time.  Mario re-negotiates his public and private personas during the course of the film and enters into an extramarital affair with Julia, a divorcee searching for a new artistic spark.

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