Celluloid Handbag


Director Michael Curtiz
Year 1945
Starring Joan Crawford, Jack Carson, Zachary Scott, Eve Arden
Run Time 121min
More Info IMDb

One Woman. One Gun. One Helluv’an Evil Daughter…all surrounded by a heavy twister of Horny Men!  CELLULOID HANDBAG is baking you up the movie that changed JOAN CRAWFORD from box office poison to pie slingin’ Hollywood Gold! 

Join ya’ wild turkey legged hostess REBECCA HAVEMEYER as she burns up the screen with the last of the great film noir gems…the one and only,  MILDRED PIERCE!  Kate Winslet? HBO?...take a back burner for this most amazing plot twister that is guaranteed to make you think twice before slappin’ ya nasty brat daughter hard across tha’ face! This is gonna sting, kittens!  (Rebecca Havemeyer)

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