Director Tim Boggs
Year 1987
Starring Doug Barry, Tiny Frazier, Travis Krasser
Rating R
Run Time 82min
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There are vacations and there are VACATIONS. When some bros from Oklahoma grabbed a camcorder to document their weekend trip, the seas parted and peace fell over the universe. Literally. You'll see it happen.

BLOOD LAKE is the most stupefied shot-on-video horror film that ever was. Just like SLEDGEHAMMER before it, this movie follows the adventures of some people on a party weekend. There’s a raunchy old house, beer and pot, and quaint slang such as “muff diving.” Then a killer appears. He’s dressed in cowboy boots and a purple shirt with a rose stitched on the back. The motive for his gory killings? Unpaid real estate debt. Yes. A killer is on the loose because of bills.

Basically, this twisted form of video vérité all boils down to this: water skiing footage, locker room innuendoes, sleeping, partying, lots of white Reebok high-tops, a game of quarters, a gratuitous Laffun Head cameo, and Lil’ Tony. Lil’ Tony is a mulleted, adolescent sex fiend with no leg hair and one thing on his mind: NAILIN’ CHICKS. Anytime he opens his mouth (“I choose you as my sex partner”), you’ll wish you were hanging out with him. At the same time, the cast mumbles through lines like “Dude, you twisted the pretzel!” Everyone talks at once, kind of like NASHVILLE. Soundtrack hits like “Thru-Out The Nite” and “Was It Real” are played by fret-squeelers/sax-blowers/drum-fill-flubbers Voyager.

This is a wonderful movie. (Joseph A. Ziemba)