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Bleeding Skull! Video And Mondo Video Present: CARDS OF DEATH

Director W.G. MacMillan
Year 1986
Starring W.G. MacMillan, Shamus Sherwood, Carlissa Hayden
Rating R
Run Time 90min

Co-presented by Bleeding Skull! Video and Mondo Video!

The BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO VHS release of CARDS OF DEATH will be on sale at the screening!

During the 1980s shot-on-video apocalypse, a handful of movies were so elusive and unhinged that human brains rejected their existence. From BOARDINGHOUSE to TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE, these titles now occupy an exclusive headspace among collectors and fans as "holy grails" -- movies that are so aggressively disconnected from reality that they shouldn't exist. Now, after languishing in obscurity for nearly three decades, the most-sought-after holy grail of SOV horror has been uncovered, undusted, and unleashed.

Written and directed in 1986 by Hollywood veteran W.G. MacMillan (who appeared in the Dirty Harry sequel THE ENFORCER), this shot-on-video scuzz-sex-slice-and-dicer has long been described as the "holy grail of slasher movies," mostly for its sheer rarity among VHS collectors. Though it was an American production, CARDS OF DEATH was briefly released on VHS exclusively in Japan before disappearing completely, without even a listing on IMDB. The BLEEDING SKULL! VIDEO release of CARDS OF DEATH marks the first release of the movie on home video in the United States.

Join us in celebrating W.G. MacMillan's trash-sex-horror epic at one of the movie's first public screenings in the history of the world!!

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