Director Michael Anderson
Year 1976
Starring Michael York, Jenny Agutter and Richard Jordan
Rating PG
Run Time 119min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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Sure, some of the elements of LOGAN'S RUN can be seen as cheesy and dated, like say those unisex costumes and shopping-mall-of-the-future scenery (much of which was actually shot in Texas, so let's not laugh too hard, eh…), but this slice of dystopian '70s sci-fi is still thought-provoking and massively entertaining -- right up there with other great entries of that decade, like PLANET OF THE APES.

The story is set in a gleaming distant future where humanity has taken refuge in massive domed cities where they live lives of infinite leisure and pleasure. The catch? No one is allowed to live past the age of 30.

The titular Logan (the massively classy Michael York) is a "sandman," one those who enforces this rule. That is until now, being on the verge of his 30th and not wanting to die, so he takes off on his titular "run" with the beautiful Jessica (the equally classy Jenny Agutter) -- and then the real fun begins.

LOGAN'S RUN has inspired many imitators over the years (ahem, IN TIME, we're looking at you…) and a long rumored modern re-make looks like it may finally come to pass starring none other Ryan Gosling. Much as we love "the Goz," the odds that a re-make/re-boot/re-whatever will be anywhere near as inventive or fun to watch as the original are mighty slim.

Long out of circulation on the repertory circuit, now's your chance to see this genre classic back on the big screen in a gorgeous new digital presentation that does its pioneering visuals and score sufficient justice. See it now before Hollywood and a well-meaning Goz royally eff it up.

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