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Director Steven Spielberg
Year 1981
Starring Harrison Ford
Rating PG
Run Time 125min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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Reserve your ticket now for the INDIANA JONES FEAST.  Only $50 for the multi-course feast

First Course: Arepas con Puerco

A dish inspired by Dr. Jones’ dash through the South American jungle, succulent morsels of ancho glazed pork are braised to tender perfection and served upon a sweet corn Arepa. The dish is balanced with fresh avocado and pickled jicama.

Served with Santo Black Kölsch

Second Course: Aloo Tama

Enjoy the trip to Marion’s mountaintop bar and warm up with a traditional Tibetan soup. Served up piping hot with a rich vegetable broth, curried potatoes and black eyed peas, this dish is completed with a ring of Sel-Roti, a traditional Nepalese fried rice bread to sop up the bowl. 

Served with Saint Arnold Elissa IPA

Third Course: Feast of Ra

A feast fit for the sun god on one plate. Fresh chickpea and cucumber salad, saffron couscous, mint tabouli, roasted garlic tzatziki, and slow roasted leg of lamb

Served with Saint Arnold Icon Gold

Fourth Course : Desserted Island

Description: Enjoy the finale and its claymation-mayhem with your own island of honey-pecan baklava, surrounded by a lagoon of pomegranate-crème anglaise and topped with creamed goat cheese.

Served with Saint Arnold Bishop's Barrel #4

Forget tedious hours spent sifting through dirt for pottery shards, Dr. Indiana Jones knows how to do archeology right: by trotting around the globe snatching ancient objects, narrowly escaping unfriendly natives, romancing sassy barmaids with his roguish charm, and fighting Nazis with his dukes and a whip. Really, what's not to love about this globe-trotting adventure-fest? An absolute must-see on the BIG screen, we're proud to present RAIDERS in a brand new 2K digital format.

By now you probably know this story well, but here's a refresher: Harrison Ford stars as Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, an uncommonly charming and handsome world-renowned professor of archaeology hired by the U.S. government to track down the Ark of the Covenant, a supremely powerful (and deadly) Biblical artifact. With his trusty leather fedora and all-purpose whip, Jones sets out on a journey across the continents. But he isn't the only one after the Ark. With a little help from his friends and his old flame, Marion (Karen Allen), Jones must fend off unscrupulous SS officers eager to get their leather-clad mitts on the Ark and harness its power for their evil cause.

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