(Big) Kids Club: THREE STOOGES Party!!!

Director Various
Year Various
Starring Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp
Run Time 90min
Age Policy

Children of all ages will only be allowed at screenings that start before 6, but must be seated with an adult.

All right, you lame-brained knuckleheads. It's time to drown ourselves
in the toilet end of Golden Age Hollywood with the funnybone-busting
buffoonery of history's most beloved witless wonders. Whether they're
destroying priceless antiques, stumbling through a  haunted house or
tossing a pie in aristocrats' faces, this trio of subhumanoid goofnuts
immortalize the grand art of blazing, rampaging slapstick idiocy.
We'll be presenting FIVE of their most madcap short forays into dunce
cap chaos, all in glorious 35mm. So crack open your skull and dislodge
your noodle, cuz you sure ain't gonna need it. Instead, Larry, Moe and
Curly will be crawling up your cortex to obliterate your meager IQ
with a relentless assault of knee-slappingly zany physical abuse!!
Heck, there'll even be a short featuring our favorite underdog stooge;
part of our tireless crusade to legalize Shemp! Be here for an
unforgettable night of anti-intellectual adventure, as we throw Alamo
South Lamar's first (and last) THREE STOOGES PARTYYYY!!! (Zack)

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