Director Nicole Teeny
Year 2013
Rating UR
Run Time 78min
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Mikayla is just like any other normal seventeen year old girl with a crush; except unlike other girls, Mikayla has over 2,000 Bible verses memorized and that the object of her affection is her Bible Quiz team captain JP. This year JP only has eyes for the National Bible Quiz Championship. Last year he placed third nationally and now in their last year, he wants to win. In order to succeed though, they must compete against thousands of other teens from across the US including their biggest rival, heavy-weight Cedar Park. Mikayla hopes that if she can lead their team to victory she will find the love she lacks in her own family and win the ultimate prize: JP’s love.

Bible Quiz challenges stereotypes and portrays an even-handed look at religion in these teen’s lives as they explore faith, identity, sexuality and competition at one of the most unique summits in evangelical America today.

"Nicole Teeny's documentary about young love and the role religion can play in confusing budding romantic feelings is simple, unbiased, and ultimately quite moving" - Beth Hanna, IndieWire

“stuck with me like no other film this year…It has the potential to be a film that people will remember for years to come.” - San Francisco Bay Guardian

“An approach that’s as unassuming as its almost instantly lovable subject” - The Hollywood Reporter

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