Benson Movie Interruption: HULK

Director Ang Lee
Year 2003
Starring Eric Bana, Nick Nolte
Run Time 138min
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Doug Benson and some of his friends sit in the front row of the theater and say whatever silly stuff pops into their heads. It's your chance to see some classic and not-so-classic movies, on the 10th anniversary of their original release, uncut on the big screen while eating and drinking yourself into a food/drink coma!

This afternoon Doug and his friends will verbally smash 2003's HULK. You know, the one with Nick Nolte's crazy hair and an even crazier giant poodle. Directed by the great Ang Lee, this is one of the most serious, and seriously long, comic book movies of all time, and we'll be watching every purple pants frame of it!

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