Director Sam Peckinpah
Year 1974
Starring Warren Oates, Isela Vega and Robert Webber
Rating R
Run Time 112min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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This spring, Badass Digest is busting off of computer screens everywhere and onto the big screen with Badass Digest Presents, a new monthly series spotlighting awesome movies ranging from beloved classics to under-appreciated oddities that need to be seen with an audience.

Each screening opens with a pre-feature video with insightful commentary from our Badass-in-Chief Devin Faraci to help set the stage and provide extra context for the feature. Learn about behind the scenes secrets, the history of a franchise, or just why Devin thinks that one particular scene is the end all be all of cinema awesomeness.

This month we launch the series with Sam Peckinpah's BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA. Here's Devin:

Sam Peckinpah was cinema’s poet laureate of alienated men on the edge, and BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA is his masterpiece.

Bennie (Warren Oates) is a broken down drunk American living in Mexico, the kind of guy who tries to kill his crabs with tequila. When he hears a local crime lord has offered one million dollars for the head of Alfredo Garcia - a guy Bennie knows is already dead and buried - Bennie sees a way to make something of his life.

Oates based Bennie’s look and character on Peckinpah himself, who had collapsed into a dissolute mess in the late stages of his career.

We’re proud to have this as the first screening of the Badass Digest Presents series. Not only is star Warren Oates the inaugural member of the Badass Hall of Fame, this movie represents the sort of uncompromising, vicious filmmaking we love.

A critically lambasted flop at the time, BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA can now be seen as a brutal, honest, ugly, and gloriously violent summation of the dark impulses that drove Sam Peckinpah to greatness - and self-destruction. (Devin Faraci)

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