Director Cheng Hou
Year 1981
Starring Judy Lee, Doris Chen
Run Time 100min
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We love those movies from the far east - kung fu, gun fu, weird horror - it's an obsession. We've always sprinkled Asian titles into the mix, but now we're making it a regular part of our downtown Ritz programming. On the last Sunday of every month our late show at the Ritz will be a rare 35mm screening of an Asian title we love. Admission is only $5. We hope to see you there every month for the best in flying swordsmen, triad gunplay, rubber monsters and mangled subtitles.

This ridiculous old school kung fu jam features some of the craziest fight scenes ever. Anybody want to see some kung fu gorillas? How about evil wizards with two-foot-long protruding tongues?

Judy Lee (QUEEN BOXER) and Doris Chen play two young women who learn Shaolin kung fu to avenge their families and overthrow a corrupt king. The plot is nothing to write home about, but the movie is fast paced and unintentionally funny. The voice actors who provided the dubbing may have been drunk and the whole movie feels slightly delirious, like the studio was pumped full of nitrous oxide. From the director of KUNG FU HALLOWEEN. Dumb! Fun!

Thanks to Quentin Tarantino for the rare 35mm print. (Lars)