Director Michael Mak
Year 1991
Starring Lawrence Ng, Kent Cheng, Rena Murakami, Lieh Lo, Amy Yip, Isabella Chow, Carrie Ng
Run Time 104min
Age Policy

18 and up. No one under 18 admitted.

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As the newest (3D) iteration of the SEX AND ZEN series breaks records throughout Asia, we pause to look back on the first SEX AND ZEN film, a movie that made Hong Kong’s Category III adult films notorious throughout the world, along with the appealingly undraped figure of star Amy Yip. It’s the story of a young scholar who, unhappy with his natural endowment, arranges to have it replaced with a horse’s member. You won’t believe the transplant scene! Soon there are major complications and everybody gets all sexy. Sex is a difficult, time-consuming and exhausting business in this film, employing ladders, braces, ceiling mounts, loaves of bread, musical instruments, and positions only a chiropractor could understand, or treat. Believe it or not, the source material for this film dates back to a novel written in 1634 - That’s old school.