Run Time 120min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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SPACE BROTHERS - Mutta’s life has hit rock bottom. He’s been fired, blackballed from his profession, and even had to move back in with his parents. Meanwhile, the career of Mutta’s brother, Hibito, has taken off like a rocket as he trains for the job Mutta once dreamed of: becoming an astronaut. But is it ever too late to go after your dreams? Through a little coercing and a bit of covert activity, Mutta’s family and friends can get his resume on the right desk, but from that point on it’ll be up to Mutta himself. Does he have what it takes to turn his life around and put his footprint on the moon? The first step on the highway to the stars is always the hardest, and in a job where crash and burn isn’t just a euphemism, it’ll be the biggest risk Mutta’s ever taken. But with the right support team, maybe he’ll find what he needs to rekindle the spark inside him and light the biggest candle of them all! (Sentai Filmworks)

MAY 12

PUNCHIM@S SEASON 1  — This irresistible iDOLM@STER spinoff is like munching a super sweet mouthful of candy while cuddling a lapful of bunnies! Unbridled hilarity erupts when the idol girls of 765 Productions discover that the Puchidols – teeny chibi versions of themselves – have invaded the office. These adorable blobs of mischief are easily recognizable thanks to bizarre behaviors like firing lasers from the forehead, digging hidey holes when spooked, and teleporting at the sound of clapping! Oh, and NEVER get Harukasan wet. Like NEVER EVER! But seriously. This visual record of Puchidols in their natural habitat is probably the most important work in the history of anime – and it’s cuter than a sack of kitties! Puchimaaaaasu! (Funimation)

MAY 19

SONI-ANI: SUPER SONICO THE ANIMATION — Saying Sonico is an incredibly busy young woman is an understatement. She juggles a modeling career, part-time work at her grandmother’s bar, and performs lead vocals and guitar in an all-girl band all while attending college! Not to mention taking care of her five cats – or is that the other way around? When her workload gets a little too heavy, she can count on her fellow musicians Suzu and Furi and the rest of her friends for a stabilizing influence. Get ready for the bounciest adventure ever as this three girl band shakes, rattles, rolls and takes Tokyo by storm! (Sentai Filmworks)

MAY 26

FREEZING VIBRATIONS — The pulse-pounding action continues in this thrilling second season of the eye-popping sci-fi series that Sankaku Complex calls ”seriously hot.’’ Satellizer el Bridget and some of the most powerful – and desirable – Pandoras in the world are summoned to a secret base in the wilds of Alaska. These gorgeous warriors arrive primed for battle, but they soon discover the true purpose for their presence: to assist the clandestine Chevalier organization in forging a new breed of soldier – E-Pandoras! Once normal girls, these eager beauties volunteered to have their bodies genetically-enhanced in order to join the fight against the deadly alien invaders plaguing the planet. But there’s more to becoming a superhuman battle vixen than tattered uniforms and sultry slugfests. Rumors of heinous experimentation haunt the E-Pandora project, and only Satellizer and her loyal companion Kazuya can unravel the mystery before it’s too late! (Funimation)


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