Director Carl Reiner
Year 1984
Starring Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin
Rating PG
Run Time 93min
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 Another in the Alamo’s celebration of the films of 1984, ALL OF ME is one of Steve Martin’s funniest movies and arguably his best performance, as a man forced to share a body with a spoiled tycoon (Lily Tomlin). 

Reuniting with director Carl Reiner (The Jerk), Martin blends the sublime physical comedy of The Jerk with the more sophisticated acting chops we see in his later work.  Lily Tomlin is in fine form playing a cantankerous millionaire who wants to have her soul transferred into a younger woman’s body but -- due to a mystical accident -- is forced instead to share a body with her lawyer (Steve Martin).

Tomlin and Martin make a great odd-couple and Martin is a delight to watch as two people inhabiting one body. The scene where the new body-mates have to go to the bathroom together for the first time is as gross and brilliant as you could ask for. 

The movie skillfully combines gross-out gags, physical humor, smarts, big ideas, and tenderness in a single terrific package. It scored a hefty 90% on Rotten Tomatoes (slightly below Planes, Trains and Automobiles at 94%, another comedy in which Steve Martin is forced to share space with someone he detests).  Janet Maslin called Steve Martin’s work in ALL OF ME “astonishing” and there’s general agreement that this is one of Steve Martin’s best performances. 

Do yourself a favor and come see ALL OF ME on the big screen, with some popcorn and a cold beverage.  I’ll be there to introduce the film beforehand. It’s gonna be a blast.  - John Erler (Master Pancake Theater)

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