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Director Robert Zemeckis
Year 1988
Starring Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Kathleen Turner
Rating PG
Run Time 104min
Age Policy

All Ages will be allowed at all screenings of this show.

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One of the most original family films of all time, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT creates a universe in which a grizzled old detective, right out of a noir film, collides with the wacky world of cartoons. Eddie Valient (Bob Hoskins) hates cartoons, but he's hired to clear the name of goofy toon Roger Rabbit. Fighting his own attraction toward Roger's animated pin-up of a wife, Jessica (voiced by Kathleen Turner), Eddie does his best to solve the case and get out of Toontown as fast as possible--but first he must defend Roger against the eeeevil Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd).

Hilarious, creative, surprising and very, very witty, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT was director Robert Zemeckis' first foray into the world of animation--and by far his best!

Admission is free for this 35mm screening so bring the entire family!

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will donate $1 to the local YMCA scholarship fund for every guest who attends this screening of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.

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