Only At The Alamo


Year 2013
Starring Sara Paxton, Zach Cregger
Run Time 120min
Age Policy

18 and up. No one under 18 admitted.

In honor of the release of LOVE & AIR SEX The Alamo is putting together a special, one-night Air Sex competition!

If you've been to any of the Air Guitar shows, you know a little bit about what to expect, except that competitors in this show won't pretend to play an instrument that isn't there; they'll be pretending to make love with a partner that isn't there.

Do you think you've got what it takes to compete? Our judges, including LOVE & AIR SEX stars Sara Paxton and Zach Cregger, will be watching for the entire presentation, from costuming, to foreplay, to an eventual climax. They'll be looking for believability, sexability, and overall entertainment value (cause what fun is sex if no one's watching?).

The Rules

Time: Contestants have about 2 minutes to perform an Air Sex routine. This can include all phases of an Air Sex encounter: meeting, seduction, foreplay and intercourse, or you can simply cut to the chase.

Music: Competitors must perform to music. You can either email your MP3 (along with your stage name) to Chris AT, bring a CD of your performance track with you, or you can just give us a YouTube URL the night of the show.

Other Rules: The only important rule is that all sexual climaxes must be simulated, not real, and you must have at least one invisible person (or object) that you are making love to. Groups are not allowed and Props are allowed

The first round will be judged by official Air Sex judges and a collection of local comedians, musicians, artists or press personalities. They will choose their favorite three acts to return in the final round where everybody will perform to mystery songs. The audience then chooses the night’s champion.

If you have any questions about the show, please email us.

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