Director Philippe Mora
Year 1983
Starring Alan Arkin, Christopher Lee, Kate Fitzpatrick, Bill Hunter, Michael Pate
Rating PG
Run Time 96min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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At every installment of the AGFA Deep Tracks series, we invite you to view a film from the murky depths of the American Genre Film Archive vault, with all proceeds benefiting the Archive. This month's selection: Philippe Mora's THE RETURN OF CAPTAIN INVINCIBLE (1983)!

“Say, what happens when a superhero stops being so super?” If you've ever found yourself wondering this in the twilight hours of the morning, you might want to be sitting down as you read the following sentences about THE RETURN OF CAPTAIN INVINCIBLE. In short, when a famed World War II-era superhero, Captain Invincible (Alan Arkin), gets canned in a McCarthy-type hearing for his alleged communist leanings (as well as public indecency and flying without a license), he becomes a raging alcoholic. Inevitably, Earth as we know it cannot survive without the aid of its hero. When Invincible’s age-old rival, the diabolical Mr. Midnight (Christopher Lee), steals a bizarre government prototype -- the “hypno-ray” -- and threatens to use it against first New York and then the world, Captain Invincible must be coaxed back into action. Having forgotten how to use all his powers, he must reluctantly retrain himself back to sobriety until justice can once again be properly served.  Directed by Philippe Mora (better known for 1976's Dennis Hopper-starring MAD DOG MORGAN) and with a script by Stephen E. de Souza (the fella who wrote DIE HARD), this film is the oddest of odd cinematic birds, the veritable first and last of its kind: the world’s only superhero movie-musical! Also, Australia's first ever superhero movie! Prepare to have your mind thoroughly melted by this cringe-worthy cult classic. (Sam Prime)

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