Director Danny Steinmann
Year 1984
Starring Linda Blair, John Vernon and Robert Dryer
Rating R
Run Time 93min
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Nothing’s more satisfying than shooting someone in the dick with a crossbow. Especially if they’ve beaten your deaf-mute sister into a coma and thrown your pregnant friend off a freeway overpass. We’ve all been there, and Linda Blair was right there with us, suited up in a skintight leather jumpsuit and stacking up lowlife corpses like ham on a deli tray. At a moment in history when antisocial cinema had seemingly reached its zenith, SAVAGE STREETS burst forward to obliterate any remaining humanity in a torrid vigilante eruption of back alley brutality and unredeemable filth. This amped-up ‘80s revenge fantasy is grimier than a wino’s tongue and twice as hard to swallow; a squalid, emotionally involving feature that - despite Blair’s wardrobe - evokes scum rather than lurid sleaze. As with the era’s other fine, penis-shriveling anti-sexploitation films (ANGEL; VICE SQUAD), the only thing aroused here will be your suicidal impulse. (Zack)

Screening on 35mm film!

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