Director Edward D. Murphy
Year 1982
Starring Cameron Mitchell, Geoffrey Binney, John Dresden
Rating R
Run Time 86min
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Time to grab a shotgun and take a double-barrel blast straight to the forehead, because you CAN NOT TAKE the epochal omegawave that is, was and always will be RAW f*cking FORCE!!!

If you think you've been entertained in the past, here is your white-hot scholarship to FUN SCHOOL!! Blue-skinned undead samurai? Check! Cannibalistic rump-chasing monks? Yes sir!! Drunken kung-fu yacht party? To the max!!! Wall-eyed flesh-trading seaplane pilot with a Hitler moustache? Man ohhh MAN!!!

In absolute honesty, all this is just the tip of the trashberg! Blowtorches blaze, teeth fly, bullets zing, dialogue is botched and cages full of virgins are sent to their heartless demise! So packed with action, you'll have to blink every three seconds to keep your eyes from catching on fire!

The legendary Cameron Mitchell (THE TOOLBOX MURDERS) semi-stars in this Filipino/American co-production that would have brought the world to its knees if it wasn't 200,000 YEARS AHEAD OF ITS TIME! If you see just one movie in your entire life, it better be here, now, tonight: RAW FORCE! If you're blind, deaf and comatose, only one film will STILL kick your ass through the wall: RAW FORCE!!

Look, I don't care if you're reading this at a funeral...scream it out loud right now: RAAWWW FORRRCE!!!

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