Director Ti West
Year 2011
Run Time 110min
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Fantastic Fest and Austin Film Society Present: Ti West’s Fantastic Fest Hangover

Fantastic Fest will be hosting exciting young horror filmmaker Ti West and his film THE INNKEEPERS for a special encore screening (after its World Premiere earlier this year at SXSW).  After the festival, Austin Film Society and Fantastic Fest have asked him to stay and present a selection of his oeuvre to help ease the withdrawals the town feels from the week-long genre jamboree (and to give those non-badgeholders a chance to see some awesome horror movies).  West will be presenting his first feature, THE ROOST, as well as THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and his recent ghost story, THE INNKEEPERS.  The director will be at each screening and will also be the guest at an AFS moviemaker dialogue on 10/1. 

The last two remaining employees of an old hotel about to close its doors forever decide to make the most of their last night on the job. Armed with video cameras and mics, they hope to capture some evidence of the ghost that supposedly haunts the place. Naturally, the spirit obliges and the amateur ghost-busters are soon in way over their heads. And, thanks to Ti West’s emphasis on character over carnage, we truly feel for them when the scares come. Sara Paxton plays her part with compelling wide-eyed curiosity, drawn to the spooky lore of the hotel and its departed guests despite her better instincts. And Pat Healy is hilariously odd as her clearly-smitten-but-trying-hard-to-not-show-it partner in crime. It’s hard to decide which is funnier – the lock of hair at the top of his head that refuses to go down or the charmingly Web 1.0 site he’s developing to post their ghost-sightings. Back-loaded with some truly terrifying scares, Ti West’s fourth feature as writer/director might be his scariest, and is certainly his funniest. It has the patience-rewarding creepiness of HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, but at times moves to the rhythms of an engaging romantic comedy, almost letting you forget that the ghosts these two co-workers are after are very, very real and don’t want to be disturbed. (Bryan Poyser, AFS)

This film is also playing as part of Fantastic Fest

Tickets available here.

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