Advance Screening: AT MIDDLETON

Director Adam Rodgers
Year 2013
Starring Andy Garcia, Vera Farmiga, Taissa Farmiga
Rating R
Run Time 99min
Age Policy

17 and up; Children 5 and up will be allowed only with a parent or guardian. No children under the age of 5 will be allowed.

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The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has partnered with The New York Film Critics Series® (NYFCS®), one of the leading word-of-mouth screening companies, to present  live, national, in-theater screenings. The events are moderated by Peter Travers, film critic for Rolling Stone Magazine, and ABC’s Popcorn along with additional coverage by Alison Bailes of More Magazine, WOR Radio, and The Charlie Rose Show. The Series presents interactive, in-theater; pre-release movies and big screen HD simulcast with the stars and filmmakers. 


The next  NYFCS National Screening Event  on Tuesday  January 21st at 8 PM EST, live from New York City, will be AT MIDDLETON, with live appearances by Vera Farmiga (UP IN THE AIR, THE DEPARTED), Andy Garcia (OCEANS 11 Series), and Director Adam Rogers. The movie also stars Taissa Farmiga (AMERICAN HORROR STORY, Vera's real life sister). The event will include a live, interactive, HD Simulcast here at the Alamo.


Two brilliant actors better known for heavy dramatic roles give themselves a romp in comedy, and they have a ball. Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia play strangers who meet while escorting their teen children to campus-tour day at a mythical college named Middleton. (Shot at Gonzaga University and Washington State University, the film is in part a hilarious parody of American college life.)   Farmiga, who played the role of Madolyn in The Departed, has performed essential roles in a dozen great films from Up in the Air to Down to the Bone. Here she unleashes her comedic skills as Edith, a shockingly honest character who is so far out at the end of her rope that she can't take anything seriously. Garcia, in spectacles and bow tie, plays a hyper-fastidious heart surgeon so self-controlled that he insists on backing into parking slots. They clash immediately and so brilliantly that they can't stop. They quickly ditch the tour and through a series of escapades find themselves sliding helplessly into love.  Andy Garcia produced this escapade, and the cast includes his daughter and Farmiga's much-younger sister, who plays the studious, driven daughter Audrey.  




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