Director Dan Kinem, Levi Peretic
Year 2013
Starring Phil Blankenship, Zack Carlson, Bryan Connolly
Run Time 84min
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Directors in attendance!

ADJUST YOUR TRACKING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE VHS COLLECTOR is a feature-length documentary that sheds light on the growing VHS culture and the community of collectors that still cherish what many refer to as a "dead format." It is a passion project made by true lovers of the format for not only people who love VHS, but also for people who can remember having to rewind a movie before they could watch it. And for people who remember the glorious days of going to the video store each weekend to rent a movie.

In conjunction with the screening, END OF AN EAR will host a VHS TAPE SWAP on the afternoon of August 11 at 2 PM!!