Director Kristi Jacobson, Lori Silverbush
Year 2012
Starring Jeff Bridges, Tom Colicchio, Ken Cook
Rating PG
Run Time 84min
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Despite the fact that our nation has the means and resources to feed every hungry mouth, it's estimated that one in four American children doesn't get enough to eat.

If we possess the capability to provide these starving children with a nutritious diet but fail to do so, what does that say about us as a society?

Barbie is a single mother from Philadelphia who knows how it feels to go to bed hungry. As a young girl she rarely knew where her next meal would come from, and she's determined that her two children will never face that uncertainty.

Famished Colorado second-grader Rosie has difficulty concentrating in school and relies on the kindness of others to fill her plate, while Mississippi grade-schooler Tremonica finds her asthma aggravated by the only meals that her mother can afford -- which are decidedly lacking in nutrients.

In addition to talking with the people affected by hunger on a daily basis, Jacobson and Silverbush also speak with sociologist Janet Poppendieck, nutrition advocate Marion Nestle, Witness to Hunger's Mariana Chilton, Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges, and various others about this widespread problem and the potential solutions.

"Specifically addresses our country’s hunger crisis. But it also speaks to larger hungers. Hungers for independence, a dignified life, a better chance for ones children—in short, the American dream. See it and weep." -Mary Pols, TIME

"As important and eye-opening a documentary as you'll see this year, A Place at the Table makes it impossible to think of hunger as merely another symptom of a shredded social safety net." -Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

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