Terror Tuesday

A Night To Dismember

Director Doris Wishman
Year 1983
Starring Samantha Fox, William Szarka, Diane Cummins
Rating R
Run Time 69min
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Projected from director Doris Wishman's personal BETA-SP master tape!

This gory experiment in necessity isn’t so much a misconstrued slasher as it is a boon to mankind. After a peeved lab worker destroyed forty percent of Wishman's original negative, she was forced to compensate. A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER was born. Vikki Kent (80s porn star Samantha Fox) returns home after a stint in a mental institution. From there, this movie pretty much forges a genre of its own. The pace moves like a bullet, loosely throwing together erratic violence and dreamy visuals with the collage aesthetic of an early Guided By Voices record. Soundtrack cues comprised of Jazzercise schlock, spooky library music, and wailing 80s shit-rock overlap. Dialogue is dubbed in the “Wishman Style,” which means that we hear voices, but don’t see mouths moving. Or we hear voices while the camera focuses on an ashtray. The violence is snail-paced and gentle, possibly because no one wanted to hurt themselves with the real knives and axes that were in their hands. DISMEMBER is a bizarro trash-horror experience that trumps most any other. You’ll never be bored. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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