This is a series pass for THE COMPLETE DAVID LYNCH, including the 8 film INFLUENCES OF DAVID LYNCH sidebar series. Your purchase of this pass will reserve you a seat at all of the shows below. 

While this pass does include the TWIN PEAKS PILOT and FIRE WALK WITH ME, it does not include the TWIN PEAKS MARATHON on 8/2 at Slaughter Lane. However, series pass holders will have first access to reserve a seat for the marathon when they become available. That event will be free with purchase of a $30 food and beverage voucher.

Important notes: Times are approximate and could shift slightly due to scheduling issues. Please check the Ritz calendar for final showtimes as they are posted. In some cases, additional screenings of the films will be scheduled. If necessary, your ticket may be transferred to an alternate showtime of the same film.

ERASERHEAD (1977, 35mm), 7/2, 7pm

THE ELEPHANT MAN (1980, 35mm), 7/9, 7pm

DUNE (1984, 35mm), 7/16, 7pm

BLUE VELVET (1986, 35mm), 7/23, 7pm

WILD AT HEART (1990, 35mm), 7/28, 7pm

MYSTERY PROGRAM I (????), 7/28, 10pm

TWIN PEAKS PILOT (1990), 7/30, 7pm

LAURA (1944), 8/4, 7pm

TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME (1992, 35mm), 8/6, 7pm

REAR WINDOW (1954, 35mm), 8/10, 4pm

LOLITA (1962, 35mm), 8/11, 7pm

MYSTERY PROGRAM II (????), 8/11, 10pm

LOST HIGHWAY (1997, 35mm), 8/13, 7pm

MON ONCLE (1958, 35mm), 8/17, 1pm

THE STRAIGHT STORY (1999, 35mm), 8/17, 4pm

PEYTON PLACE (1957, 35mm), 8/18, 7pm

MULHOLLAND DR. (2001, 35mm), 8/20, 7pm

SUNSET BOULEVARD (1950, 35mm), 8/24, 4pm

HOUR OF THE WOLF (1968, 35mm), 8/25, 7pm

MYSTERY PROGRAM III (????), 8/25, 10pm

INLAND EMPIRE (2006), 8/27, 7pm

8 ½ (1963, 35mm), 8/31, 1pm

MY SON, MY SON, WHAT HAVE YE DONE (2009, 35mm), 8/31, 4pm

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