Director Christopher Sun Lap Key
Year 2011
Run Time 139min
Age Policy

18 and up. No one under 18 admitted.

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We've been in a frenzy ever since we heard about this movie. Not only are we dying to see it, your emails indicate that many of you are too. For a solid two week period, half our emails were urgent pleas for that crappy ATLAS SHRUGGED adaptation and the other half were from desperate 3d boinking (and CGI knife) fans. We immediately made inquiries, trying to get the film but, much like sex itself, it seemed like something we'd just have to travel to Asia and stand in a long line for.

Not anymore! We're bringing 3D SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY to you. You're welcome!
What is the plot of the film you ask? It's about this young scholar and he's in China and he's wandering and it's a long time ago and there's a thing called the Pavilion Of Ultimate Bliss and there's a beautiful daughter and a big misunderstanding - you'll love it! 

This film is not rated, but is equivalent to a NC-17 rating. The sex is softcore but there is a ton of nudity. Don't bring the kids.

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