Director Djibril Diop Mambety
Year 1992
Starring Ami Diakhate, Mansour Diouf
Run Time 110min
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Part of the two film series REBEL GRIOT: THE FILMS OF DJIBRIL DIOP MAMBETY. TOUKI BOUKI screens on 3/24.

Mambety’s second feature is often regarded as a sequel to TOUKI BOUKI, as it centers on a young woman who left Senegal years before. However, the circumstance of HYENAS is very different.  Returning to her village after years away, a wealthy and famous native daughter will donate money to her desperate town, but only in exchange for the murder of a local shopkeeper who abandoned her after an illegitimate pregnancy when she was sixteen. Richly allegorical, HYENAS is a parable about corruption and colonialization brilliantly scored by Mambety's brother, the musician Wasis Diop.

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