35 Alive: Night Warning

Director William Asher
Year 1982
Starring Jimmy McNichol, Susan Tyrrell and Bo Svenson
Rating R
Run Time 96min
Age Policy

18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent guardian. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed.

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When sexually ambiguous teen Jimmy McNichol is accused of murdering a TV repairman, the only way he can clear his name is by proving he's not gay! Part horror, part comedy, part homo-cidal cri de couer, NIGHT WARNING is a messed-up masterpiece that deserves its own parade (and was produced by local New Theater Restaurant honchos Richard Carrothers and Dennis Hennessy, no less)!

"An after-school special for sublimated matricides!" - Gene Shalit, NBC*

"In the bent-gender pantheon, Night Warning makes Boys Don't Cry look like Just One Of the Guys!" - Jeff Craig, Sixty Second Preview*

*fake quote

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