2013 OSCAR SHORTS - Animated

Year 2012
Run Time 80min

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Runtime: 7 min
DIRECTOR: John Kahrs
SYNOPSIS: An urban office worker finds that paper airplanes are instrumental in meeting a girl in ways he never expected.

Runtime: 2 min
DIRECTOR: Adam Pesapane
SYNOPSIS: Learn how to transform familiar objects into Fresh Guacamole!

Runtime: 11 min
DIRECTOR: Timothy Reckart
SYNOPSIS: After many years of marriage, Walter and Madge have grown apart: he lives on the floor and she lives on the ceiling. When Walter tries to reignite their old romance, their equilibrium comes crashing down, and the couple that can't agree which way is up must find a way put their marriage back together.

Runtime: 16 min
DIRECTOR: Minkyu Lee
SYNOPSIS: The story about the dog of Eden. What happened in those first days of Creation that made Man and Dog so inseparable? The dog, as he lives through this curious world, encounters a strange creature; a human being named Adam - and with that discovers a new found connection to the world.

Runtime: 5 Min
DIRECTOR: David Silverman
SYNOPSIS: Maggie Simpson spends a day at the Ayn Rand Daycare Center where she is diagnosed at an average intelligence level. Longing to be grouped with the gifted children, Maggie finds her destiny by rescuing a lonely cocoon from Baby Gerald, who is busy smooshing butterflies.

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